So why did our minivan get so dirty… driving down 10 miles of roads like this with muddy spots in them had us gripping the wheel as we plowed through the slippery mud praying we would not get stuck and seen on the local news as missing in the Chequamagon forest surrounded by wolves and surviving on granola bars while waiting for rescue

Our destination after the weather changed and the snow came.  Missing from the picture is the pen of retired sled dogs who liked to howl occasionally and be answered by the wolf pack over the hill.

It did not help nerves that this was one of the sites that greeted us.  Although after awhile he kind of grew on us

Time to head out on some now very wet, snowy and more slippery roads in the family roadster..  Does AAA come out on roads like these?  Will we have cell service to call the tow truck…..  can we borrow one of the sled dogs for protection from the wolves?

Uhh ohh one lane road ahead, with all this traffic how long of a delay do you think this will be…

Think the minivan will fit?  Can we loose the wolves by crossing the river?  Would a tow truck or ambulance be able to make it over the bridge as well when they come to rescue us?  One bar on the cellphone I think it is safe

Finally our destination with snow coming down

Surprise Surprise the only car in the parking lot yet again

There is no attendant to collect our fee… how could this be it is so busy!

The trail with no tracks and 4 inches of snow

Well if we get lost we can always be like Hansel and Gretle and follow our tracks back as long as the falling snow does not cover them up.  If we left bread crumbs the wolves may find us so lets rely on the tracks instead

We do have our trusty map but forget the GPS in the car.  First stop is Morgan Falls and then St Peter’s Dome

Trail through the woods with no tracks absolutely beautiful

Creek running along the trail on the way to Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls in the snow absolutely beautiful.  There was a geocache here but someone forgot the GPS in the car….

We later found out that people climb this fall sometimes and swim in the pool at the top.  Not going to happen today.  Now on to St Peter’s Dome

Trail to St Peter’s Dome we must have gotten a little lost because we ended up at this creek with no crossing.  The missing picture that put me over the edge was of blood in the snow from something being killed and eaten along the trail.  It might have only been an owl or a fox but a mile from your minivan in the middle of the woods lost next to a creek with snow coming down visions of wolves start happening and Hansel and Gretle gave up the search for St Peter’s Dome for another day and headed back to the van.  It was quite an adventure

Big thanks to Jim and Mary Michael pictured above not in Wisconsin.  They watched the resort, guinea pigs and collected sap for us from the maple trees while we were gone

They had fun keeping track of Cliff as well this weekend who thankfully did not sink on them

Hey Jim, I don’t think it is July anymore!  Thanks and we will see you guys this summer when the raft is in its correct place!