After 2 days of tantalizing me with far off calls and appearing by the road when I was in a hurry on the way to pick someone up or drop off at school with no camera I finally caught the loon!  With a lake still half frozen the loon has restricted swimming area for awhile but it was hanging in its favorite fishing hole down where the road meets the lake

I only have seen the one loon.  Is this one just passing through and stopping by to get food for a few days… I am not sure.  I do believe one of the pair we have had the last few summers was killed on the lake last summer.  My neighbor saw the aftermath and thought it might have been a muskie.  The pair has been tagged and researched the last few years so I will be interested to hear from our loon researcher this spring if this is a lone loon from the pair or not.

Doing what loons do best, fish.  If you are a fisherman the last thing you want is to be anywhere near the loons