Can you name the cabin depicted above in dominos floor plan?  Keep in mind we were limited to full size Dominos so some creative liberties were taken but the basic plan is there if you look closely

To enter the contest put your answer in the comment section of this blog entry.  I will randomly select winners from the correct answers at noon (ish) on Monday.  I will post all the answers then along with who the winners are.  I will be giving away 2 prizes a free round of golf at Trout Lake or Timber Ridge (my  gift certificate for Timber Ridge expires by June 15th so if you are not up here by then to use it I will give away the Trout Lake free green Fee which is good for all of 2011)  2nd prize is a 10 dollar gift certificate to The Gateway Lodge and Restaurant in Mercer.  We tasted their Prime Rib the other night and it was Outstanding!

Put your answer in the comment section by noon on Monday.  Nobody will be able to see your answer until I post them on Monday so don’t worry about giving away the answer

Bonus Prize for the 2 winners.  If either of the 2 prize winners also Likes Black’s Cliff on Facebook, I will throw in a bonus 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar along with their other prizes.  Only exception to this rule is Char Schmelzer, Mr. Tungett (he will always be Mr Tungett) and Ted Temple who I know I will never convince to be on Facebook