Before I announce the winners of the Domino Cabin Indentification Contest, let me introduce the architects of this feat.  My college girlfriends were at the resort this weekend from UW River Falls.  It was rainy and cold all weekend with lots of kids underfoot.  My friend Mary with her daughter Marie created this masterpiece.  Marie is Autistic and Mary was told would never speak.  She has come a long way and the folks at Paul Bunyans this weekend will tell you Marie can definitely speak.  Marie and Mary put the domino diagram together.  Thanks to both of you for creating some fun!

Now on to the winners.  I was waiting for one picture in particular before announcing who won

Gail the 2nd from the left with the Alumni green shirt won the gift certificate to Gateway Lodge in Mercer.  She is pictured here with the rest of her Bad Girls of the North posse.  Some who follow the blog with recognize the ring leader of this group of rebel teachers from the burbs, Char who is 2nd from the right.  This group of ladies comes each fall much to the appreciation of the down town merchants for Cranberry Feast in October and checking out all the shops in between.  Congrats to Gail! is the link to the website of the restaurant.  We had an excellent prime rib with them at The Taste of the North last week.  I am sure these ladies will be heading up to Mercer for a taste.  Merchants BEWARE!

Harold Oberman won the Timber Ridge Free Golf.  He is pictured here getting picnic ready for the infamous Pink Monkey Party but that is a tale for another day.  Congrats Harold

Timber Ridge is our closest and one of the best golf experiences you can have in the Northwoods.  They have a twilight rate going all summer June 3 – Sept 11th after 4pm golf all you want for 21 dollars and cart for 11.  I also have golf coupons for other times at the office check with me for them before going

Kim Flower won the 2nd Timber Ridge round of golf.  I am sure she will have time to use it this summer enjoying her new home on Lower Kaubashine.  Congrats Kim, if you don’t use it I am sure Sarah would find use for a round of golf.

Our final winner was John Thompson Jr.  I tried to find a close up or a front picture of John over the last couple of years but every picture I have is John out at the raft with his back to me enjoying the sun.  I guess we all know where we will be finding John the last week of July this year except for when he takes time to go use his free Greens Fee at Trout Lake Golf

Trout Lake is another one of our great golf courses a little bit farther away from us than Timber Ridge but a jem in the woods.  They are the oldest 18 hole course in the area centered out of a gorgeous 1800’s log home which is something to see in itself.  They also have the #1 practice facility in the Northwoods.  They are always updating their specials so check before you come at for what they have going on.  They are definitely worth the little bit farther drive to experience golf in the Northwoods.  I always have 10 dollar off coupons for them so check with me for them

Congrats to all the winners and hope you enjoy your free fun in the Northwoods