With folks coming this weekend it was time to splash some boats in the water

3 boats in for now, no hurry for more as, they have to be bailed out.  Green Boat painting starts this weekend.  I pay 5 dollars per side of the boat to any kid that wants to help.  Stop in only if you dare in painting clothes as the green paint will be flying

We got part of the beach cleaned up.  Time next week to get the big docks after Craig returns.  He may be partially retired and be a snow bird but he knows if he wants the docks straight he has to show up on time, besides that Arizona is getting a bit to warm for him with temps getting into the 90’s and 100’s

I went on a search for the guys in the rain showers. Neither had his phone on.  Finally tracked them down doing a job under a roof and nice and dry for a change

One of the fine arts you learn when running a resort, how to replace screening and not loose your finger

The latest on Shamrock’s landscaping project.  The paths got red cedar and are looking sharp

It was time for a wheel barrow of trees to help fill in.  These trees were all dug up across the road from the resort.   If anyone ever wants to take a tree or 2 home with them you have but to ask and we will direct you to some to dig up.  Usually we have a success rate of about 90% with evergreens

My favorite new tree of the day.  Looks just right in this spot.  More to come soon

One of the last piles of snow found under a leaf pile today.  When will we finally see the end of the snow…. maybe by July 1st

Fixing the screens at Red Pine