This picture plus the following picture mean one thing

Time to straighten out docks.  The first dock run has already been done a couple of days ago down at Bear Den and Red Pine the day of the big wind storm but I forgot my camera and it was too busy to take pictures.  Notice above a nice new pair of wadders that Craig bought for Troy who got soaked (as usual) on the first day of docks.  Steve seems to have a sense for which pair is the non leaking ones each year.  After seeing Troy turn into a blue popsicle in the water Craig felt guilt and a sale at ACE Hardware also helped.  I have heard both pairs are now leak free… for a little while…

Most important item in dock work is the sprayer.  This one is ancient from Maynard’s time.  Steve is checking it for its spraying potential

Not quite right get out the hammer.  It is a very technical science to get it just right.  And of course OSCA approved

The reason to get into the water.  Notice the sag in the middle.  I remember helping with this a few years ago before deciding I liked toilet scrubbing over ice cold water, ice cold hands, occasional snakes, and using muscles I prefer to not feel ever

Precise measurement and the correct wiggle gets the docks back into shape

Meanwhile Mack has discovered a muskrat slide from winter and their winter home in he shoreline

This is actual work going on, not dock surfing, Steve is jiggling it down.  Get down my brother!

Much easier job is getting the boat dividers back into place

Now on to the big dock with the sag.  This is when I happily disappear before being asked to help.  Hence there are no more dock pictures of the final

Mack would like to report that the pier got straightened and is back in place, also the muskrat’s have been warned he is on patrol and to beat it to a different neighborhood.  Who needs wadders he wants to know

Meanwhile what is the boss up to?  The temps have gone down too much and hi blood has gotten a little thin being in Arizona this winter and he had to pull out his winter hat and gloves to work on the roof of Wildflower

You keep this sort of weather up and I will not come back until July next year.  You know it is 95 in Arizona right now…  Yeah yeah… keep roofing

Messy messy, Mr Black

Craig would like to point out to everyone that he saved money buying starter shingles in 2 different colors that nobody will see for the bottom layer.  He is convinced Roy Tungett will not notice his roof in 2 tone…  But he got a heck of a deal!