I stopped in to Restawhile and saw a unique fishing contest going on. Money was on the fireplace.

Here are the winners and non winners…. The Butzen family.  Notice Dad, Ron with the long face.  They spent the weekend heading over to the Willow Flowage for Walleye’s and whatever else was biting

In other news it was Sunday afternoon at 4pm and the roofing specialist decided to call it quits for the weekend.  What is he thinking…  Wildflower is only half roofed but I don’t think he was going to do anymore

How much fun is May if you live at a resort?  Ask the Gibson Boys.  Ben trying out wadders with dad for the first time putting in docks

Conner stopping in to play Legos on a rainy Saturday with his cousins finds out instead the fun of putting real legos together assembling docks with Grant

If you are 16 it is even worse when your mom insists on taking your picture in baggy wadders.  Girls shut your eyes and forget you saw this picture