The rain has come and that means I can put my paint brush down and do some blogging which has not been done the last few days.  The 2 weeks before Memorial Day Weekend are some of our busiest of the year getting things ready to go

The rain has sprouted up the Lily’s of the Valley

Ferns as well have been filling in the bare areas

Even with the rain the fishermen have been hitting the lake in the boats.  I have heard the bass are biting and bluegills are prolific.  Crappies have just started to come into the spawning beds

Before the rain Steve managed to get the raft painted and ready to head out next week

Before the raft goes out I hear Monday the white docks is going in along with the end of the big blue dock.  That ought to make the sunbathing ladies happy

I took this picture on Friday before it rained of Steve getting the beach chairs painted.  I counted and we are now up to 28 of them in all different styles and sizes.