Mack heard a rumor that there was a steak bone down at Holiday being saved for him by the crazy Moore family.  He is figuring out this whole resort dog legacy that he has stepped into.  Being able to nose open a door is one of the finer talents he needs in his important job

Barb was excited to see Mack..  need I say more with this picture…  there are so many things I could say but Mack was drooling so I refrained and am letting your use your own imagination

Hot damn this is why I came through the rain to Holiday.  Love Barb!

Happy happy dog

While Mack was enjoying his bone, Vicki and her brother Rob were taking on the card shark of King’s Corner..

Who is the dastardly card shark… Bob, Doug….

Nope it is Barb.  Notice the long sleeves…  could there be some cards hiding up her sleeves…  she is not talking

Doug was happy to show all the perch he and Rob caught this weekend in the rain and sun

Notice the new Paula Dean pot set in Holiday that Doug was using for his fish fry.  Gasp!  Holiday has an entire set that matches…. nowhere else can that be found and with matching pot lids!

There was an accusation by Barb that Vicki slipped over to Norway to get a metal flipper.. I gasped and said not on the Paula Dean cookware what were you thinking and Vicki quickly came up with a story about using the metal to flip burgers on the grill… we shall see when I clean if the Paula Dean is free of scratches

Burp… yep the rough life of a resort dog when those crazy Moores are around