It was a beautiful day, time to put the pontoon boat in at Hilltop

Mack decided to come along and explore Hilltop while we were launching.  Bunch of great new smells

Everything going as planned.  Drain plugs in, life preservers on board, motor tested

The launch goes as planned, motor even works on first try…  Missing picture is when Troy came back into the dock to pick up me and Mack for the ride back to the resort.  Mack wanted nothing to do with getting on that boat.  Do you see how narrow the dock is..  Now imagine 2 adults, one holding on to the boat that we did not tie up and the other one wrangling a reluctant 90 lb golden retriever out and on the boat.  It could have ended badly especially with my camera around my neck but thankfully we got Mack on without anyone getting wet…  Only one entertained was Steve who was in the truck driving off watching the fiasco

Do you see the crouched down stressful look on his face as we drive away from the dock.  It was reminiscent of the same look he gave us when we dragged him out on the ice for the first time.  He was not happy and wanted nothing to do with the wind in his ears hanging out on the front of the boat as another dog I remember

Hmm remember this guy who loved nothing more than hanging his head off the pontoon and catching the breeze.  Not one iota of fear in his eyes

Lets go for a pontoon boat ride.  Can’t leave the driveway for the first ride of the year without me was the look Poe would give me

I love this boat and will follow you to the ends of the earth, just let me ride on the front with the wind in my ears

Give a guy a break I am not Poe and this thing moves and I would love nothing more than to hid under Troy’s feet til the ride is over.  Til then I am closing my eyes let me know when we are safely into shore.  Mack would like it known that the only way he likes to go through water is with his own 4 paws chasing ducks of fetching sticks boats are for the birds

Meanwhile back to the first ride of the season minus a golden retriever on the front end with the wind in his ears it was a quiet ride.  No loons today just a lot of sun

View of the beach from the water

Escape!  Get me off before I barf!

If he could kiss the ground I think he would have

Paws back on the ground where they belong

The pontoon boat docked til the next ride and ready for summer…. Hey where did Mack go…..