Warm sun+ frigid spring lake+big blue dock+3 guys and one photographer= The Following

Gathering the parts much like Tinker Toys.  I think these guys did not get enough time spent with their Tinker Toys when they were little

All I know is I heard a groan when this part was brought out.  It must mean the end of the pier

Making plans and trying to remember where everything goes

time to get in the water. Do you notice a difference in the choice of swim wear?

Hmm.. notice Troy walking into the water no whining or complaining.  The extra layers he says help….  I have my doubts

Then there is Steve……

Can you feel his pain as the needles of cold water flap at his feet?

At this point there is a grumble from the older wise one on the dock… to just get in the water, when I was young we put these docks in when there was still ice on the lake and then walk 20 miles to school,  you are getting off easy.

I wanna raise!

Finally things going into place with the guidance from the dock to make sure things are straight

Straightness is a relative term when dealing with docks it is not an exact science

Peanut gallery from the shore still traumatized from his boat ride the other day…  if they think I am going out on that rickety dock and try to hijack me into another ride from hell they have another thing coming

Will it all go back together correct, before Steve an Troy turn into popsicles?  At this point is when Steve says he is going to create his own hot tub and Troy  moves as far from him as possible and Craig laughs and says “I taught him well on how to survive”

Mack turning to me and asking “Is Steve really doing that in my swimming hole”

Mack is thinking of something but I can’t come up with it..

Time for the first swim to the raft now that he is warmed up and the lake is not as cold

Wahoooo first person to the raft this year!

KIng of the raft come and push me off!

Some people have a kid in them forever and who can resist a cannon ball in a cold lake in May

I can’t believe I actually choose to be a member of this family.  There was nothing in the marriage contract about docks with Steve and Craig in the spring, she forgot to mention that when I said “I Do”