Catching up on some pictures over the last few days, I realized I did not post the Memorial Day parade pics. Our Minocqua Verterans came first


Followed by the boy scouts

Followed by the Elementary School Band from Minocqua, Hazelhurst, Lake Tomahawk (MHLT) and Arbor Vitae, Woodruff (AVW) combined bands. These kids get their feet wet before Highschool marching for Memorial Day.  It is always fun seeing them give marching a try for the first time playing On Wisconsin and the Star Spangled Banner.  There are a couple of kids I know pretty well marching along in this picture

The rest of the service I missed pictures of as I was trying to keep my camera dry in the light rain and control a 90 lb golden retriever who went into shock when the guns went off.

Thanks to all the veterans who have served and serve today. Thank You