Word got out that the carp were easy to catch on Lower Kaubashine.  The great Arbor Vitae fisherman, Brian, stopped in to go for a spin on Lower Kaubashine to see what he could find with his secret carp catching bait

Who knew carp had a taste for the Jolly Green Giant.

Down to the beach armed with a cooler to contain their catch.  Unfortunately they were a little late in the day and the carp were not right in the shoreline spawning where Jake netted them earlier in the day.  So out on the lake the great fishermen had to go.  Only requirement was to let one mom go with who had bought a scoop of crappie minnows, and had not been out fishing yet this year

One Golden Retriever was up for a little redemption in his reputation involving his fear of boats.  He was very interested in watching all the casting off the pontoon boat

Peace and quiet… not a lot of fish but peace and quiet!

Mack learning that hanging on the front of the boat is a neat place to be.  The carp became elusive along with the rest of the fish but everyone including Mack was happy to put their feet up hold a pole in their hands and do nothing but watch the bobber go up and down