For all of the many Berchtold family members out there in Blog land I had to take a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Berchtold (Howard and Jean) up enjoying the warm weather.  Jean ran out of short sleeves it is time to go home.  See you in July for the big 80th birthday party and of course the big water ski!

This picture is for Al and Roberta Cikowski who always bring me a maple tree when they come up, even when they are staying down the road.  I got it in the ground lets see if this one survives the deer.  Thanks Al and Roberta

Driving along Lower Kaubashine I saw a flash of brown cross the road and go into the woods.  It was a newborn by minutes fawn.  Momma was not around.  I slowed down for just  a minute and snapped this pictures with my iphone.  Wish I had the telephoto, but made due with what I had.  Never touch a baby deer like this momma is not far away and she will be back

I cropped this on in a little but could not get a clearer shot.  Next time telephoto!