Something is missing…  I told Steve the steps over at Shamrock needed painting…  I returned to find something else going on.

I guess the new steps don’t need painting anymore

With temps soaring into the 90’s with humidity it was not fit for man nor beast out of the water

After plunging into the water (ok the truth, being pushed off the dock into the deeper water because Mack is afraid of being in anywhere in the lake his paws can’t touch, does this surprise anyone)   After plunging (being pushed into the lake) there is nothing like a good roll in the dirt

Can’t see why you won’t let me in the house?

While everyone else was playing in the water, Troy was assembling 10 new adirondak  chairs.  4 of them are going to Bear Den by request of Jamie and Nathan Ament and 4 to Red Pine down by the lake.  The other 2 maybe over by Bayview.

Dang it is hot.  Put that camera away and I may just put my suit on and jump in the lake