Local resorts owners were invited downtown for a Taste of the Island before the season really gets started.  We were treated by some of my favorite local businesses.  Twisted Root Emporium and Loon Land was the first stop

The ever friendly and shoeless Woody Woodruff greeted us as usual to see his unique wares that can’t be found anywhere else

Woody had these delicious bars that he sells the mix for, for us to try.  Lets just say they were wonderful and definitely had butter in them

Walking around Woody’s store it definitely has the Northwoods flavor.  This framed picture almost came home with me, I think I may have to take another trip and pick it up later in the summer

Light switch covers did come home with me.  I love Woody’s light switch covers.  They come in a variety of woods.  I am shocking Craig by replacing some of his 50 cent light covers with some of these through the resort.  I buy a few each time I am in the store.  I love browsing through his boxes of covers and picking out my favorite woods.  So if you see these in your cabin you know where they came from

Yep I could do some damage here

I have also been replacing a few lamp shades from this store.  They are nicely priced.

Next we were off to Dan’s Fudge, an icon of Minocqua as long as I can remember

The lines of fudge always mouth watering

I caught a fellow resort blogger getting a few taffy to take home to Dick who was spending his evening at the campfire at a certain unnamed Minocqua Resort

I got my own treats to bring home.  A stop in Minocqua is not complete without stopping in to Dan’s Fudge

Our final stop was over to the Minocqua Brew Company for dinner.  Everything is amazing at the Brew Company including the beer but my favorite is the Gouda Beer Cheese Soup. WONDERFUL!

Excuse the graininess of my Iphone picture, I forgot my camera at home.  We got a tour of the new Divano’s Bar upstairs of the Brew Pub.  It is a wonderul relaxing experience, not your typical Northwoods bar experience

Sit comfortably, enjoy the view and drink some wine with friends

For those that have not seen my Brother Inlaw Bryon’s mural it is behind the stage.  They have live music here many nights in the summer

I also ran into this sign in our travels the last 2 days.  It cracked me up