Steve had an absolute gleam in his eye when he arrived today.  Did you know that mushrooms are out!  Forest guy had spent the last day coming the woods for mushrooms.  Oyster mushrooms to be exact, and expected me to get all excited and serve them for lunch……

They really do look like oysters.  I am still leery of mushrooms from the woods and am not quite prepared to dig in and start munching.  Steve proudly told me part of the way you know is if you see the deer have been munching on them….  not sure I trust this bit of Bambi lore.  He also has a mushroom identification book and inlaws who are mushroom conoseurs

He was also very excited to show me his nursery log where mushrooms are started and more will grow if it is kept watered…  are you detecting my enthusiasm for becoming a back yard mushroom farmer?  Maple syrup does not kill you if you take it from the wrong tree

He is planning on drying them and storing them.  I know he was still working on some of his mushrooms from last year this winter

This picture is for those of you that need to envision yourself fishing on Lower Kaubashine this morning instead of being at work

Coming tomorrow.. my newest thing in beach comfort.. stay tuned I think you will like it