The rain has been going on since Saturday night.  We are starting to wonder what the sun looks like.  Boat bailing has become a passtime between rain storms

Fortunately the fish have been biting as well.  Jeff Taylor and his son catching some bluegills off the dock.  Jeff gave me a nice compliment, he has been blog watching since he booked Birchwood back in January as a first time guest with his extended family in Wildflower and Kaubashine.  He said the website is great but does not do the resort justice.  Thanks Jeff! and you have now made it on the blog.  It is always interesting meeting someone who blog watches and I have never met.  When the come the first time they know more about me and my family and the resort than I expect.

More boat bailing, short straw is the person who gets stuck bailing out the paddle boats

We had to go down to Hilltop Bar to pick up Grant’s winnings.  He entered their candy bar raffle last week and was the big winner.  Every week in the summer you can buy up to 2 chances per person on Hilltop’s candy bar raffle.  Grant had a goal of winning one this summer being a huge Hershey’s Fan.  Low and behold he won on his first attempt.  The last winner in our family was Jake when Grandpa bought him a chance when he was 3 years old.  What will Grant do with all his winnings… will he share with his brother… mom and dad… grandfather….

Here is the list you get on at Hilltop.  Fun to stop in each week and buy a few chances.  Ben is now determined to win his own chocolate bar

Wahoooo hooooo I won and am king of the chocolate world… everyone must now be nice to their little brother and maybe help him with garbage and wood delivery for a piece of chocolate heaven and maybe Grandpa can have a piece for free if he gets to old red ski boat in the water and takes Grant for a ride.  Hint hint grandpa