It has been raining… and raining and raining….and your guessed it raining…  Anyone coming next week owes it to the folks this week who have not seen the sun since they arrived.  Rumor has it that the sun might make an appearance on Friday with a balmy 60 degrees.  Saturday and all of next week looks like sun and 70’s flirting with 80.  But the folks this week have paid the price.  In one 24 hour period my rain gage measured 2 inches and we bailed the boats out atleast twice and they are in need of it again this morning

There has been a lot of wood burned this week.  Everyone has been enjoying the fireplaces and hopefully the close quarters of their family

My Anenimies (I can’t spell and my spell checker has no idea what I am trying to spell, but the pretty white flower above) has been enjoying the rain and are in bloom

The plus of the rain has definitely been no watering of gardens has been needed but they are starting to look a little water logged

The beach and the great float have looked a little quiet

The lake levels have definitely been on the rise and I hear one of the beach chairs was blown off the dock and is the murky depths waiting to be fished out

Yep ready to bail again

I even had to go get some new sponges this week to keep everyone happy.

What to do if you are a kid and on vacation on this soggy week?  Get some lessons from the Gibson boys on how to play Risk

World Domination!!  I had fun listening to them try to pronounce the countries they were taking over.  Risk teaches world war domination and also the location of countries.  I could tell as my boys were giving a lesson on how to pronounce countries as well as where they were.

Where is Kbese?  You mean Quebec?

Where is Mongolia?  Over by China

What is Scandinavia?  Above Europe

Hey Cool I have the Congo..  where does the Congo go..  Somewhere in Africa

Indoneesa… where is that…  A group of Islands off India, Indonesia

I have Greenland   Hey that is one of the best countries

Magadaser, where is it…  Off Africa but you can’t take over Australia with Madagascar

It was definitely a fun conversation to be a mom over hearing.  I am sure Harold Oberman will have some opinions on the strategy of Greenland or Madagascar