It is always interesting to see how vehicles arrive packed to the gills.  Tom Hixson’s suburban put a new meaning to packed to the top.  There is not room for one more thing in this vehicle.  Keep in mind this is only for 2 people and the kids are bringing their own stuff later in the week.  Where is this going to all fit in Bayview…

I love the exotic beer they claim is just for their kids

Then there are those that arrive in style with the top down

Packing convertible style with the fan riding shot gun.  I am thinking packing light is the way to go.  And no Linda you do not need 8 different pairs of flip flops for the beach

Hats off to Danny Hoadley in the Navy from his mommy.  Our thanks go out to you and all who are serving.  THANKS!  You enable us to live the life we do and be able to enjoy summers on Lower Kaubashine with the freedoms we enjoy

Just to show they did find a spot somewhere for everything.. maybe the flying squirrels in the attic got the boot for the week when Murry took over their storage areas.  Bayview is now open and stocked waiting for the rest of the Hixson clan to arrive.. just remember to pack light, Murry already brought the kitchen sink with