What was going on at the lake today… A whole lot of nothing and a lot of people enjoying doing a whole lot of nothing

A whole lot of people enjoying the new beach chairs doing a whole lot of nothing.  Sue giving her opinion of the new beach chairs.  Never fear, green beach rockers the green bouncy, rocking chairs are here but we added in these lounge chairs for those that truly appreciate doing nothing

Sarah taking nothing to a new level

Nothing was going on in the middle of the lake

Gliding in the water doing nothing

Then there are those that like to do nothing a little quicker and wetter

Even the wild life was enjoying laying in the sun after 6 days of rain

There were also those that chose to do nothing in a way that made the rest of us go hmmmm…

Of course there was nothing going on a the raft… there is never anything going on at the raft.  Being on the raft floating on Lower Kaubashine, requires you to enter the realm of nothing and stop time for a few moments of pure enjoyment

The nothing way of getting into the water

Perhaps the best way of enjoying nothing, floating with your friends and keeping cool as the waves float by

Nothing requires nothing but an inner tube to keep everyone floating

Competing on the best style to enter water to enjoy nothing

Moment of nothingness caught in time.  Is Nothingness a word?  It should be

Then there are those that give nothing style.  Someone brought 8 pairs of flip flops on vacation.  I did not know they made flip flops in that many colors

Who knew doing nothing could make you this tired.  Time to get ready for doing nothing day 2