We had a welcome to the lake party this week.  Kim and Will Flower bought Hunter’s house, also known as “The Wagon Wheel House”, “The Rock House” depending on if you were looking at it from the road or the lake.  Welcome to Lower Kaubashine Kim and Will

What is a party without some great food?  Michele Tungett brought by her secret recipe, Illinois State Fair winning chocolate chip cookies

My goal in life to wheedle the recipe out of Michele… I may have to wait til she is taking her last breathe..  or trade her for a life time supply of Christmas Stockings,  or maybe my Beer Bread recipe

Craig was having fun seeing he is not the only one who still possesses a red sink straight out of the 1970’s.  The match for this sink can be seen in Wigwam.  I wonder if Kim and Will would like 2 dual red sinks when they remodel this bathroom…

Welcome to the lake Kim and Will here is to good times on Lower Kaubashine with friends!