It was a little bit of a smaller group this year that went rafting with Hawk’s Nest Outfitters.  But they all had fun.  Rafting with Hawk’s Nest is always a good time big or small group as you will see from the pictures below

Michele staying dry and stylish for now.. what form of shoes did Michele choose to raft in??

Mike and Michele negotiating a passel of kids safely down the river including those wiry Black twins

Speaking of those Black twins here is one now keeping paddling Amelia down the river.  Give this picture 10 years and it will be interesting to see what happens

There are those that choose to lay back and relax down the river like Eleanore

Those that choose to dangle their feet in the water like Kim

I can gaurantee Murry and Gloria chatted their way down the river.  Question is who had the most sun screen on.  I am sure Murry was the winner.

Watch out here we come!

Rich and Gloria showing proper rock finding technique or they are fishing in a new and strange way using their feet

If you want to do your own river adventure google Hawk’s Nest Outfitters and set it up.  They are very flexible and easy to work with.  They do 2 different spots one over by Eagle River and one over by Manitowish

Special thanks to guest photographer Katie Black who took the above pictures because we were busy strawberry picking.  Thanks KT