Eric and Heather shared their vacation pics with me.   They had fun catching the loons in action

I was still in bed and heard a ruckus with the loons at about 6am luckily Eric and Heather were up and caught this picture while I was still in bed and not getting up.  Glad they caught this gaggle of loons that I would have missed

After waking up to loons, it was time to head over to Lake Tomahawk for a little snowshoe baseball.  There is actually a league in Lake Tom and it is the place to be each week for a game and homemade pie

It is a comedy of errors on snow shoes

It draws quite a crowd

Time for crappie fishing

Enough for a stringer

Getting pointers from Tom on fileting

Thanks to Eric and Heather….  was Heather on vacation too?  She must have been taking the pictures.