Wanna end your vacation on a bright note?  The secret to this light display that amazes everyone is an old Boy Scout trick.  All i will say is there are no fireworks involved, booms, bangs or noise of any sort.  Just the whirl of a rope.  Wanna know how this happens consult your closest Eagle Scout.  Thanks to Matt Flower for the last night of vacation display

If Matt could have used his knowledge of Mosquito eradication from the Boy Scouts it would have been a perfect night at the dock

Then there are others like Eric Snodgrass who took last night festivities to a new level and broke the swinging bed.  Eric has been thinking of this event happening since he was a kid and never thought he would see the day….  well it came.  Eric is also the owner of his own swinging bed in Illinois which has withstood the effects of 9 people on his queen sized swinging bed.  Eric is a swinging bed architect

I took a picture of this suburban arriving 14 days ago packed to the gills with no room to spare..  it is leaving the same way minus a few cases of beer

See you all in 2012