It was a quiet day at the lake and a certain furry, 4 legged beast snuck down to the beach to see what was going on

Quietly sneaking out on to the dock hoping I do not notice he is at the beach during swimming hours while dogs are not allowed.

Shh don’t tell the boss I am here and scratch to the left a little.  You don’t tell I am at the beach and I will keep your cabin area free of chipmunks

Sneaking a quick swim.  Notice how he is wading and looking down into the water.  I have not seen this since Gonzo my old Irish Setter who would go bluegill fishing along the shoreline diving head first after bluegills.  Once in awhile Gonzo would come up with a bluegill in his mouth.  I watched to see what Mack would come up with

Once in awhile his entire snout would go into the water patrolling the dephs

Back to intent pacing back and forth…

Bluegills beware Mack is on patrolle

Enough is enough time to head up and chase some chipmunks.  The rough life of a resort dog

Maybe chipmunks later but a roll in the dirt is always called for after swimming