Time to head down the road less traveled on a Geocaching adventure to the Islands of Lake Nokomis with my friend Grace in the lead.  You know it is going to be an adventuresome day when the pavement runs out and you are on gravel roads with no idea where we are

At the boat landing we introduced Kim Flower to her first Geo Cache ever.  Here is is opening it up so we can sign the log

We headed off on our adventures with Kayaks and canoes to Ant Island.  Why would it be called Ant Island??  Hmmmm…

Our destination a very small island with a geocache on it.  Anyone know why it is called Ant Island yet?

Ummm… one big ant hill…. at least they are not biting ants but black ones that like to run up your leg.  Grab the cache quick and lets get going!

Cache found and surprise, surprise we are the first ones to find this cache ever… everyone else was smart enough to stay away from Ant Island.  If we had a video of this you would see us stamping our legs trying to get the ants off

First to find!  Yeah!!  We have found 170 caches over 3 years of geocaching and never have been a first to find

How to get rid of the ants?  Jump in the lake and wash them off before getting in your boat.  We called this the Ants in Your Pants Dance

Goodbye Ant Island!

Time to follow our leader Grace to our next destination.  Grace really ought to open her guide service for the Northwoods

We stopped accidentally at the next island where there was not a cache but instead a boat load of Blueberries.  Blueberry Island became a favorite spot!  Blueberries everywhere

Time to head off to our 3rd island Grim Reaper.  If you look at it from the air it looks like a Grim Reaper.  There were 4 caches to find on this island

Kim navigating the double kayak by herself like a pro.

Our first beach at Reaper Island

The first cache was found but not before Grace found a nice pair of underwear in the woods.  Why were they there…  didn’t their owner notice them missing… maybe he had ants in his pants from Ant Island

View from the top of the hill amazing

Views could not be beat on Reaper Island

Cahces found and logs signed..  underwear left behind

The arm of the reaper where there was a cache led us to an old loons nest right on the shoreline.  Grace got out but it was too mucky for the rest of us so I took her word on the loons nest

The loon had taken up residence not far away

Time to head back to shore

Well we made it back where are we going from here?

Lake Nokomis is 15 minutes to our south and neat lake to visit.  There is also a icecream shop not far away and a bike trail that hooks up with the Bearskin Trail called the Hiawatha Trail named after the Soo Railway line that used to run up it and also the Bearskin.  Hiawatha sound familar…