Bananagrams is the name of the game and Muskie is the place to be

Char not thrilled with having her picture taken was showing me the ropes along with Anne on how to play Bananagrams.  Not pictured is Bill who is studying the dictionary and memorizing all the 3 letter words

Bill won the first round with all his 3 letter words.  When you use all your tiles you yell PEAL and everyone has to take another tile.  It is fun no waiting for turns to be played and you can reorganize your board anytime.  Bananagrams is available at Whoops the toy store in town

I did not win  but was proud of coming up with squirrel with 12 tiles to play.  I was just happy to use my Q and it is one of the few words with Q that I know

I heard we were lucky Karey the queen of quick thinking and 3 letter words was no there.  Bill enjoyed the night

Ken not a fan of 3 letter words, came in towards the end with his catch of the day.  Congrats Ken and if you know of any words with q in them please let me know