After a bit of lobbying on the part of 7 grandchildren, to their grandfather, the red and white ski boat is out of the moth balls.  It just made it back from having its engine tuned up and it has been given the green light.

This boat pulled more skiers from 1950 – to the 1980’s than anyother one one in the Northwoods.  I am sure if we actually had a count of the number of folks that learned to ski behind it, we would be amazed.  I to this day get questions about where it is.  Since the insurance companies outlawed water skiing in the mid 80’s the boat has spent its time in storage emerging for brief carefree moments in time.  Hopefully this marks a more regular return to Lower Kaubashine.  There are 7 grandkids who’s skiing skills are sadly lacking

How many hours have the guys who used to work at the resort taking skiers in the afternoons starting at 1 spent behind the wheel of the boat?  Uncle Dave and Craig were the first main drivers spending many an hour behind the wheel.  How many bikini’s rode in the front as John Thompson, Bunger, Kevin and Paul purposely went through the bounce waves to appreciate the bikini tops.  Katie, Steve and I also spent many an hour behind the wheel.  Me, with my Irish Setter along as copilot.

The engine is the same one… it is slightly cranky.. and irritable but Ryden’s Marine has given it the thumbs up for a tune up and it is ready to go.  Tune back in for its maiden voyage.  The last time it was on the lake was about 4 years ago in November and we all felt like kids again even in the brisk cold

May I please point out it is the only pull start 40 engine I have ever seen.  Gonna have to get my arms back in shape to get the engine started