If you are a retired resort owner has has dug more septics than the local septic company there is nothing that gives you more pleasure than watching your grandchildren dig up the tank that is causing a minor problem

He gets out of his chair to give pointers.  At this point he is describing all sorts of things he found over the years when the tank cover is pulled back. Missing picture is the look of horror on the boys faces at the prospect of frozen air bubbles

Can’t let the kids have all the fun

Drum rolll time to life the lid!!

Grandpa working the stick while the kids hold the lid.  Ewww!  Things are flowing freely now.  Kids stay in school!

Time to cover it up and no whining or you can not participate in the other days activities.  Which brings us back to what could Craig do more thrilling than playing with a septic with the grandchildren..

Answer:  Getting the old 1956 Shell ski boat in the water and take the first ride!

You help grandpa with a septic you get to go for a boat ride in the coolest boat in the Northwoods

Motor started and reverse works lets go!

Let grandpa show you how to get out of working on septics.  Drive the ski boat

Woooo Hooooo excellent the red ski boat rules the lake again as it has since 1956.  More boat pictures to come.

This is what he call a perfect day when running a resort.  Everything is running smoothly and the country is so grand… where have I heard that poem….