To understand why this boat has developed a cult like following you have but to look in the faces of the 16 years old that were let loose for the first time with it.  That same joy is in the twinkle of everyone that has ever driven it.  Jake’s friend Brian said “That is one sweet ride”  Jake is the newest generation of boat drivers the 4th generation and hopefully not the last

Having the old boat out required us to dig in the shed for thinks to ski on left over from the skiing days.  Things started out pretty normally with old skis but then….

What in the world is Steve thinking…. all I will say is Maynard would be proud and there are definitely some genes of Maynard in Steve.  The things that can be found in the back of the sheds are amazing

First step is to see if it floats and it sure did

2nd step find someone crazy enough to grab a rope and see what happens.  Thumbs up HIT IT!

Told ya it would work.  Meanwhile all the neighbors are trying to figure out what in the world is behind the old ski boat.  Surely not a stop sign..

Swishing one way….

Swishing the other way…

Then there was the newest skier to Lower Kaubashine and the day was complete with the next generation of skier’s and boat drivers.  Maynard is smiling somewhere and I know Craig was smiling from the top of the hill watching the antics