What has been going on for the last 4 days of no entries…  Well my computer is finally fixed and the disks removed from the disk drive 45 dollars later.  Much better than taking a chance with a butter knife in my disk drive

Steph was having deep thoughts and much consideration to the new beach chairs or the good old green rockers.  It was a tough choice but Steph is a puriest and went back to her John Deere Green rocker.  Others have made the move to the new beach chairs

Troy spent some time repairing the controls on the ski boat after KT broke the boat.  That is the story, KT broke the boat, all her fault

John McAllister caught this nice Northern

Eagle’s Nest door got a little TLC.  The door and the cabin were all built in 1952 by Loren Lee and after almost 60 years the bathroom door needed a little TLC.  A few clamps and glue and should be good to go for another 60 years.  Loren Lee was a builder in the area back then and his descendants have a construction company to this day called Young Builders

John Thompson Jr. stopped in for his free round of golf and Trout Lake that he won in a domino contest on the blog his winter

John Thompson Sr. got to relive part of his childhood taking the red boat for a spin.  John spent many hours in the early 70’s driving his share of bikini’s around the lake.

The nightly Nukem ball game got started.  I heard one of the kid say that volleyball is for people that do not know how to play Nukem.  The exact rules… see the kids on the playground.  It involves throwing and catching the ball, no volleyball bumping and hitting

I had a hard time not taking a picture of this butt in diapers showing his Nukem form

He was the secret weapon down under

He does not look or dress like his dad at all minus the diaper

Everyone knocked out of the Nukem game cheering on the remaining players

Nukem in action

Craig got a heck of a deal on this boat… but will it fit in…. it looks to new to be a part of the resort.  It is not green. When it gets loose how will the neighbors around the lake know where it goes

In other news, a lot of fun has been had with the red boat.  All 3 Gibson boys and Conner have made their first turns and spills around the lake on skis.  Rumor has it Jenny (me), Troy and possibly Craig will be gracing the lake a dare to do it, I will if she will go first, are we crazy, will the boat pull us up moment to be witnessed and possibly or possibly not blogged about depending on how swim suits fit and stay up.  Stay tuned