To some this is the ideal vacation a bobber a worm… sitting on the pier without a care in the world.  Jess definitely fits this mold

Then along comes Jimmy..  So what are you catching…. anything big in there… Jess’s response “it is not the size of the fish but it is sitting on the dock see if you can get a better fish smarty pants”

Jimmy’s response “Dad Jess told me to go catch a better fish than her”  What do you think dad is she going to be impressed with my fishing abilities?”   Ken’s response “Son never pretend to know the mind of a woman I still am baffled by your mother at times, but in my book that is a nice fish!”

5lbs of Bass!!!  Jess will love this fish!!

Jess’s response “Silly man don’t you know I said better fish not bigger fish, everyone knows perch taste better than bass”

Special thanks to the wisest woman of all Karey Ross who I borrowed these pictures from.  Thanks Karey great photography as usual.  A little birdie told me it was Karey’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday to Karey from her friends at the Cliff