A couple of people at the resort heard it was Howard Berchtold’s 80th birthday..  word spread..  I don’t know how… Julie might have had something to do with it.  In the end we had I believe everyone at the resort plus a few gather on the playground.  Assembling for the picture alone was entertaining

Our intrepid photographer Yi-Ping setting everyone up

I think it was like trying to heard cats.  Just as you think you have everyone you hear someone’s in the bathroom and is coming! wait just a minute

Smile everyone and don’t move.  I have an idea how to make it in this picture too.  4th of July group please take notes on how this is done for next year.  I see Michele Tungett in Song’s position

I have ten seconds I am sure I can make it

Yi-Ping is entering the Olympics of photography next year.  down the slide she goes and makes it in position just in time as you will see her on the right side of the 1st picture

The traditional Happy Birthday song from a few friends and family

Icecream and cupcakes for everyone

Grandma Jean making sure all is running smoothly and everyone gets some.  She is the master of organizing a big group.

Special shirts made for the occasion with all the kids and grandkids, great grandkids and spouses names on it.  Amazing what fills 80 years

Apparently all is not peaceful.  Grandpa may be a Cubs fan, but several of the family are White Sox fans and there was some grumbling but everyone decided to declare peace for the day and wear the shirts for Grandpa

John Thompson also celebrated his 30 birthday

Mack was happy to help out in the celebration as well

Earlier in the day, Grandpa showed all that he may be 80 but it is 80 years young

One handed!  As I said last year at 79 when he did this, we all hope at 80 to be as full of life as Papa Berchtold