It is the Northwoods and once in awhile visitors enter that we would rather not have.  It never fails once a summer or so, someone comes running “There is a Bat in my cabin!”  Well this time the joke was on me.  I enter our house to see my husband with a net armed in the livingroom yelling at me to stand still as a bat dive bombs me in my livingroom.  After opening the door and scouring the livingroom we thought we had the situation under control and the bat out of the house by an open door…

1:30 am our son comes in our room to say he was dive bombed on the way to the bathroom.  What ensues is an reenactment of The Great Out Doors movie with John Candy and a net.  I give up and  go to bed with my husband standing watch with a determined look on his face sitting on the couch.  A half an hour later he gives up and closes everyone’s bedroom door and heads to bed hoping nobody comes knocking saying they see it.

7:00 am Troy gets up opens the door and comes back to tell me our friend has found a spot to rest in our bathroom among our towels.  See the picture above

The little bugger is quickly netted and given the eviction notice

Not a welcome guest here.  So if you do run into one of these little buggers get a net, get your John Candy impersonation on and know that your kids will have something to talk about for years and years.  If you have not watched The Great Outdoors I suggest you do it is well worth it.  Always keep in mind that they eat their weight in mosquitos every night but I still don’t like them in my house.  It is The Northwoods and they live here to and will once in awhile find a way in through an open door or window.  Lesson to be learned keep your windows and doors closed…. oh yeah… I live with kids….. I will keep my net ready