I took this picture for Paul Zaremba who could not make it this year.  Even without you Paul they almost managed to sink the raft

A very full beach of people having fun

Out on the lake a tow had to be called for… someone wrapped the ski rope around the prop of the motor….

A few tools, a few laughs at the boat driver’s expense and the prop came free and ready to go again

A few attempts behind the old 40 to get up on skis and it was decided we need two more horses to get out of the water.  Nathan and Jamie Ament came to the rescue and with no trouble got a mom out of the water.  That is enough skiing for this decade

We had a storm blow through knocking out power for 4 hours just before Shannon and Jamie got their pigs in a blanket done in the oven.  Do pigs in a blanket sit well for 4 hours….. not sure but am just happy the power came back on.  Minocqua was out as well and I heard it was stop and go traffic going through the lights that were out as well