The last few years I have been asked about doing memorials at the resort for guests who have passed.  The resort becomes a place families have such a connection to that folks have wanted to have a memento of their relatives who spent some of their best days with their family at the resort.  Aldo Leopold wrote once about how land grounds us.  In this world where people cross country moving and have so many transitions in their lives sometimes the resort is part of the land that grounds many families that have been with us a long time.

The first of the memorial stones arrived with The Wilson Family in June.  They are placed close to Jack’s Landing.  Jack’s Landing was built by the Schmelzer family a few years ago in remembrance of Jack.  It just seems an appropriate place for folks who would like to leave behind a stone in memorial of their loved ones.  I only ask that they do not have dates, just a name or a few words

The stone cutter we are using is extremely reasonable.  You buy the stone from him and he charges by the letter.   His name is Steve Lambrect at 920 533 8346 or  Steve is out of Fort Atkinson and does some home shows in the Chicago area.  He is very easy to reach for anyone interested

Jack’s Landing.