Canoe on the van means… Time for Lake Superior.. and don’t forget to tie down the back of the canoe after putting the dog in the car

The reason we take the canoe to Lake Superior. To haul all our stuff down the beach

Our destination today, Saxon Harbor about an hour and 15 minutes from the resort.  Quick stop of sub sandwiches in Mercer at Subway and we were here by noon.  No people and beautiful beach.. but the beach is not the whole reason we go here

the number one reason in the kids minds is playing in the clay cliffs

Time to introduce Mack to Lake Superior.  Poe LOVED Lake Superior… Mack….. hmmm not as much.  It is big, scary and noisy with waves, from the dog who likes to keep all 4 paws on the ground at all times

Ok I am wet now time to get back to the safe beach, please

My cousin Dave enjoying the quiet of Lake Superior with his dog Elsa, not a care in the world

The reason Troy loves Lake Superior

Come on Mack you will love the water..

Really it is fun

I have had enough of this torture

insert the sound of blowing a rasberry here

Mack’s idea of how to enjoy Lake Superior.  Maybe next trip he will figure it out

Camp Black from above at the cliffs.  My cousins are from the Washington DC area and when I told them we were going to the beach with the dogs they asked are you sure it is not too crowded, the beach we go to, you get as much room as your towel defends.   I told them to not worry we would have no problem with crowds.  I think they did not believe me til we got there

Long way down the cliffs

The mud contest, who could encase themselves the best in clay mud

Will Emily be winning a beauty contest with this look?

Our 2 muddy winners Ben and Emily

The end of another great day at Lake Superior