We had a professional photographer Jim Backus from Magoo Nature Photography www.magoophoto.com stop in for pictures.  Jim is taking pictures for a special project we have been chosen and signed up for.  A book about Resorts of Wisconsin and the resorting tradition.  Over the next few months the book will be coming together with the history of many of the last remaining family run resorts in Wisconsin.  It is a tradition that we are slowly loosing due to condo’ing and selling off.  This book when it is done will show case why it is such a special tradition for so many families and the history behind the resorts chosen to be in the book.  Jim had a fun day taking pictures and swapping a few stories

One of his favorite subjects was our 1956 Shell Lake Ski Boat.  One of Jim’s friends was the former owner of the Shell Lake Boat Company.  His buddy will be happy to see one of the old boats still in action.  My Uncle Dave Black was thrilled to pull his own grandkids skiing and tubbing around the lake for the first time behind the boat.  He spent many, many hours driving it and was happy to share the experience of skiing with his grandkids.

The website for The Resorts of Minnesota and the book have already been published this year.  If you want to check it out or get the book here is the site www.resortsofminnesota.com/The-Book/The-Book .  I have seen the book and it is beautiful show casing the tradition and some very special places in Minnesota.  Have I ever mentioned we have more lakes in Wisconsin than Minnesota, they just have the slogan