Ever wonder who makes the cabins so clean each Saturday?  The best group of people I could ask to work with. We have laughed, cried bonded over spills and messes and been there for each other.  Our newbie, Amy joined us this summer when Olga’s husband Sergio had to spend Saturdays coaching socceer.  We miss Sergio but Amy has joined right in.  Steve also got recruited this year to help with bed making, he folds a mean hospital corner.  Besides Sergio we were also missing Olga’s daughter Jackie who was at a volley ball tournament.  One piece of advice from the cleaning crew “If you leave a dirty cabin atleast leave them good snacks”  They prefer ice cream but any form of chocolate will do

I will miss our weekly Saturday therapy session as we cleaned our last big Saturday.  Til June when we meet again and the sound of laughter can be heard down the driveway and Katie asking movie trivia, me rolling my eyes and saying get moving quit talking, Olga and CW laughing, Sergio turning the vaccuum cleaner on to block out the chatter, and Steve wondering what Troy is doing and if he needs some help away from these crazy ladies including his sisters