Foggy 1st day of school morning and I wandered down to the beach before breakfast to see who was hanging on the raft.  Get ready for early morning lake pictures as with school starting.  There were some campers out at the raft again

Sneaking out on the dock slowly… practicing for busting teenage boys with girlfriends…  ducks are good to practice on to make sure you have the silent creep

So far so good

Jeez can’t we get a little privacy around here?  Who invited the blonde with the camera?  Someone make sure Ed makes it off the raft before pooping or we will never hear the end of it

Tandem stretch

Party is over

Meanwhile after creeping up on the ducks I find chicken little lounging at the top of the steps communing with the red squirrels.  I call this stance with the butt on the top steps and feet down below “reading the paper”  He will sit for an hour in this position just watching the world go by.

Little does she know I am responsible for the peace treaty between the gray and red squirrels.  I am keeping the raccoons at bay with my mere presence.  What is she doing?  Catching ducks napping…. like she needs my help.  I have much bigger fish to fry… red and gray squirrels…. peace in the middle east….