One of my memories of my grandma Millie Black was making and eating her homemade applesauce.  Over the years I have made it and it always gets gobbled up.  It is very easy to make and can, or just eat.  I picked up a bushel of local apples from our local farmer’s market sour small ones that are cheap 69 cents a pound or 15 for the bushel I bought.  We peel, peeled and peeled some more

Grandma never had a apple corer like this one but it sure makes the job of cutting them up easier

In the pot they go with a little bit of water to cook down

After peeling 50 apples or so I remembered this cool apple corer and slicer I had picked up at an antique shop a few years ago.  I had seen one of these in action at a local fair where they peeled and sliced it in a continuous ring that went around your thumb.  Had to give it a try

Round and round the slicer goes.  Love this little machine

Yep it worked and the kids thought mom was a genius for a moment in time… just a moment remember I have a 16 year old…

Boil and smush down the apples add sugar (lots), cinnamon (lots) to taste and put in jars.  Boil the lids for the jars and put them on the hot apple sauce jars and they seal themselves and you have some nice apple sauce to pull out anytime.  I hope my boys remember making apple sauce with me the same as I remember with my grandma