This morning was amazing at the lake.  I believe you may see the picture above on the 2012 Black’s Cliff calendar.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy and insert the sound of the loon

I love catching the raft floating amongst the mists

I caught fellow photographer Harold (father of Savanah from the previous entry) with bed head just like me who saw the lake mists like I did when he rolled out of bed and ran to the lake without combing his hair.  He and I understood the pull the lake had over each of us and our cameras this morning.  Hair was not in consideration as either of us left the house

Only fair that Harold got to return the favor of showing off how we both looked rolling out of bed no contacts and no coffee

What is a sequence of lake pictures without my favorite snag hanging in the water.  I remember when this tree fell into the water back in I think 1976 or 1977 when the famous 4th of July storm came through.  For years the tree lived and was green.  It has been sad to see it quietly sinking more and more into the water.  There will come a year soon when I will not have it to take a picture of as it sinks below the depths of Lower Kaubashine