What is Steve up to lately…  he has been recruited to the cleaning crew and cleaning a few to many bathrooms.  Today was the first break in cleaning for awhile and I think he had been sniffing a bit to much toilet cleaner.  There was a gleam in his eye as he escaped bathroom duty and took on this small project a special request by Jean Berchtold for a railing at Norway.  Norway is slated for a small deck  and not so steep of steps but in the meantime til it is done it now has a railing compliments of Steve

Escaping from the bathrooms he was enjoying the fall afternoon in his fix it vehicle

He was contemplating how to fix a plow on the front of it for winter

Steve and Troy also finally finished the roof of the pagoda at the top of the steps.  Steve wanted to point out that Troy did most of the work but was not willing to pose for a picture and since it was Steve day on the blog he posed as they put the final nails in the roof

Steve very excited about this mushroom spore, he claims it will be full grown in a few days…. I can wait

Since Steve was having so much fun at the resort we left him to head to our secret blackberry location.  The blackberries are still doing well although the season is winding down

Smoke:  Before the news got ahold of the smoke story from Minnesota wild fires, we had a panicked night Monday.  2am Troy woke up with the smell of smoke in the air.  It was so thick outside that you could see it with a flashtlight.  Troy spent half of the night investigating what he could thinking we had a fire somewhere.  It was creepy.