The Cikowski family shared a few of their photos with me this week.  They never fail to catch a few muskies.  Al landed this 34 incher and had the scares on his hands to prove it.  Jimmy caught a 24 incher but I could not get that picture to upload.

There best pictures are not of fish this time instead Eagles

They traveled down Cedar Falls and noticed a bunch of large birds take off.  This one stayed on the ground dinning on a deer carcass.  One eagle is one thing, but then they looked up in the trees around them

a 2nd eagle

a 3rd

An immature 4th eagle… in total they counted 10 eagles.  More than they had ever seen at one time.  It was a little intimidating to be surrounded by them all in the trees and nobody got out of the car

Thanks to Al, Roberta, Jimmy and Fritz for sharing