Couple of weeks ago Troy and I got the itch to plant some apple trees.  This was brought on by a sale at Stoney Creek for 40 percent off trees.  We spent an afternoon planting and protecting them with fence..  It worked for a week.. and then…

The tree mangler arrived.  One of my trees was decimated limbs ripped off completely destroyed.. not just nibbled on but destroyed.  Ruth Grady managed to catch a picture of public enemy number one.  Deer Hunting can not come around soon enough for me and the last 2 trees standing.  Meanwhile trees are now 50 percent off and I think we are on our way to Menards for better fencing

One last fishing picture from the Cikowski’s.  The bass on the end is a beauty measuring in at 18 inches.

Thanks to the Cikowski’s and Grady’s for sharing pictures.  Without a little help now and then the Birchbark Blog would be sadly lacking in content