Instead of watching the depressing news at 5:30 last night I decided to take the kayak out on the on the lake and catch a few pictures of the color since the sun was making its first appearance in a few days.  Kayaks and cameras are always an interesting combination.  I got in fine with the Cannon and was paddling away when I noticed my jacket pocket dragging in the water with my Iphone in it……. Luckily it did not get too wet… and works fine

Color in the shoreline by Eagles Nest was getting going

Maple tree on fire

The Point with calm water and reflections of leaves

I found this feather floating in the water.  Not sure what bird it came off of with the spots at the end

Sun just behind the tree line looking back into Hilltop’s bay

view of the resort shoreline from the lake.  Still quite a few trees to turn

Looking back at the setting sun.  Much better choice than watching the news

Maybe I will finally get to take some fall pictures with full sun today or this weekend