The guy sitting on the couch in the exact spot I use, was brought to you by Troy’s sense of humor… He seemed to think it was funny…. so I thought I would share but I do not see what is so funny about this…

Today’s leaf pictures are all about looking up.  Hope you enjoy

Besides leaves turning what else has been going on?  4 days of no one in Bayview and the guys started to get the itch to work on something.  It might have been my threat that if they were not busy with something I needed help cleaning.  Suddenly all the windows came off Bayview and the paint brushes came out

Give me a window painting any day over cleaning potties

Troy was in such a need of a break from cleaning that he was even willing to paint the floor under Wildflower’s swinging bed. How many hairs did he loose on the bed springs under the bed…. he is not saying

Bayview got a little more TLC with trim finally being added around the screens

It also got 2 new screens.  Apparently someone had a candle too close to the screens and melted a hole through the screen…  Ummmm please people that is not safe!!!  leave the candles in contained bowls away from walls or screens, lets not burn the cabins down please