I came down to the lake to find 5 Mergansers on the raft.  Watching them for a little while body language told you everything.  Notice the bird on the top of the raft a little off by itself and notice the tighter group of 4.  This blog entry is dedicated to the wisdom of Doctor Seuss

Meet the cool birds on the raft, these are the in birds, feathers in the right spot, feet shined, following the leader..  Who is the leader?  Watch the body language and you know, that would be the coolest bird of all the guy in the front with his head down.  They are the Star Bellied Sneetches the best kind on the beaches, Everyone was listening to the head Star Bellied Sneetch except…

The odd duck out.  What makes this Merganser different from the rest, why is he ostracized to his own spot on the raft and does not follow in line like the rest?  He reminds me of the plain bellied Sneetch

Checking the arm pits, nope he put on deodorant this morning… all seems the same but….

This bird remains the odd one out

Everyone else listens to the boss.  Turn away from the freak that smells his armpits in public

What makes this bird the enforcer that all listen to and turn their beaks on their own kind..  Is it the tough guy hair do?  The sharpened beak, the ode to Lower Kaubashine cologne he rolled in this morning.   No idea

One bird does try to make an overture to our odd duck

Its friend comes from behind to remind our group duck that the odd guy is not one them and turn your back.  Reminds me of the Doctor Seuss’s book “The Sneetches” the plain bellied Sneetches were ostracized away from the star belly kind because having a star on their belly made them the best kind of Sneetches on the Beaches.  Yes I spent way to much time reading this book to the boys and can recite passages of it from memory even though I have not read it in over 5 years.  That is the brillance of Doctor Suesses writings they rhyme around in parents heads long after they kids have learned to read.  Don’t even get me going on The Lorax, I can do almost the entire book from memory.  I am the Lorax that speaks for the trees for the trees have no tongues and I am asking you sir at the top of my lungs what are you doing with that Truffla Tuft.  Troy will tell you don’t get her going

everyone quick in the water ditch the do-do

Number 5 is the back of the pack and could not be ditched

The world will not change until everyone realizes it does not matter whether you are a plain belly or star bellied Sneetch it is what is on the inside that counts.