What are they up to?  Rumor was out that Steve had been spending some time on youtube looking up among other things how to split wood quickly.  We heard it was a blogable moment and everyone gathered at the wood pile to see the demonstration.  Craig was doubtful that after all these years they could really come up with something new that he had not seen.. little did he know

step 1 get a big stump and a tire

Step 2, put log into the tire

Grab a maul and start smacking. The key here is the log does not fall over everytime you hit it requiring you to kneel over and put it back up everytime

Work your way around the log

Empty out the tire and start again


Craig had to step in and examine the modern technology Steve had researched

What is he looking for I am not sure…

You know I don’t want to show Steve up by splitting faster than he can.. but I could if I wanted too,even with his new tire technique

Doing smaller logs, just keep adding them til the tire is full

I am master of wood splitting!  Now what to do with all my extra time…. watch more youtube videos.  Maybe they have an idea on how to bail out boats faster